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just gettin started

just gettin started

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Plant your seeds, watch them grow, and see what Sartoshi's Garden is all about. Grab your pack before they're gone and let's start growing together!

Embark on a vibrant journey with our inaugural seed pack, an exclusive blend of perennial flower seeds that promise a garden bursting with color and life. This limited edition pack features a curated mix of 18 different perennial flower seeds, each selected for their unique beauty and ease of growth. In every pack, you'll discover a world of potential with seeds including:

- Wild Lupine
- Rocky Mountain Penstemon
- Maltese Cross
- Mexican Hat
- Yellow Prairie Coneflower
- Gloriosa Daisy
- Black-eyed Susan
- Clasping Coneflower
- Siberian Wallflower
- Shasta Daisy
- Lance-Leaf Coreopsis
- Sweet William
- Foxglove
- Purple Coneflower
- California Poppy
- Blanket Flower
- Candytuft
- Blazing Star
- Blue Flax

Remember, only 100 of these specially branded seed packs are available. They represent not just the seeds of vibrant, perennial flowers, but also the seeds of a growing community and movement. Don't miss your chance to be part of this limited offering.

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    Amy DiGi
    Excellent Title

    Package arrived promptly and I can’t wait to plant the seeds. Gonna make this garden grow 🌱

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